Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Striving to deliver the highest level of products is at the heart of everything we do at Ninestar. We’re committed to supplying you more value than you might expect and better quality than what others can provide. This commitment to quality starts with our innovative R&D and flows through to manufacturing, packaging and delivery.

Demand the Best and Get the Rest

We understand that quality lies in the details. That’s why we cooperate with world-class raw materials suppliers and set the bar high on standards in each component we use to build a cartridge. Our Ninestar materials engineers analyze all raw materials that will be used in cartridges in the lab. These include inks, toners, drums, and other components. State-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment is employed to ensure all the components complement and function together perfectly, before being sent to the production lines.


Smarter Manufacturing

No other brand in this global industry has invested as much on automated production lines as has Ninestar. Millions have been invested to meet customers’ demands for more consistent, stable, higher quality and yet lower cost products. Ninestar has deployed robots and other smart manufacturing technologies on many of its lines and developed proprietary hardware and software that integrate the technologies to ensure everything works efficiently and effectively.

We have moved to automated production lines to make sure every item meets the same consistent standards of quality. They cannot vary. This standard is very difficult to achieve when you rely on traditional manpower production models which are subject to human error.

Chunsheng Guo •  Senior Quality Control Engineer

Compliance with international and industry standards is a top priority for Ninestar. Adherence gives you peace of mind.