Raeuse is the better way to recycle: good for you, better for the planet.  


Remanufacturing Contributes to a Sustainable Future

Ever since it was established in 2000, Ninestar has been providing a closed loop solution with remanufactured printer cartridges. Consumers can return their used cartridges at no cost, the cartridges are sorted, cleaned, remanufactured, packaged and stored ready for reuse. The whole process at Ninestar is continually being scrutinised to minimize our carbon footprint and to help save the planet. 

03  Ninestar Remanufacturing Production

Solar powered, automated production lines and water treatment plants are part of the strategy to deliver the most environmentally friendly printer cartridge solution in the world. 

04 Ninestar Warehouse

Every remanufactured cartridge is tagged so that it will be stored ready to be returned for reuse in the country where it originated. 

05  Shopping Sites

Customers can be confident in the consistently reliable and high-quality remanufactured ink and toner cartridges meet a wide range of the most stringent environmental certifications and standards set by governments and peak industry bodies. 

01 Used Cartridge Collection

End-users return their empty cartridges using a post-free envelope or drop them off at their nearest recycling site.  
Ninestar co-operates with empty collection partners in many regions. 

02   Recycling

Cartridges are sorted and graded at the Ninestar recycling center. The premium quality empties are separated and made ready for remanufacturing. Other plastic and metal wastes are sent to accredited recycling centres. 

  Ninestar Closed Loop Recycling System

Helps minimize our environmental footprint and save the planet.

Respect the structure and integrity of the original used cartridge and maximise its future usefulness through the entire remanufacturing process.  


Reuse as much of the empty, used cartridge as possible and ensure the worn-out components and parts are recycled and do not end up in landfill.   

Implement environmentally safe production practices throughout the remanufacturing process.  

Industry-leading Processes

Ninestar’s remanufactured cartridges meet stringent quality standards. Each link of the production chain is constantly monitored by Quality Control experts including the cleaning, production, packaging, storage and shipping.   

Remanufacturing Ink Cartridges

Sorting & Grading 

All incoming raw materials undergo rigorous inspection, sorting, and grading process by skilled technicians before they head off to the production lines. Only superior empty cartridges are reused. All others are broken down for their plastics and metals and sent to accredited recyclers. 

Circuit Inspection 

The integrity of every micro circuit is electrically tested on cartridges to guarantee they are in perfect condition ready for reuse.

Auto Cleaning 

With Ninestar’s advanced automated equipment, each cartridge goes through a 3-step cleaning process to ensure no waste ink or other contaminants remain.

Auto Drying  ​ 

Each empty cartridge is completely dried in Ninestar’s automated self-dryer process line to prevent any damage to the shell casing.

Auto Ink Filling 

Using cutting-edge, automated filling technologies, each cartridge is filled precisely to the specified amount with high-quality, OEM-equivalent ink.

Post Testing 

Cartridges are post-tested as part of the production line process to assure dependable performance and outstanding results. Every cartridge with a printhead is post-tested.

Sealing & Protection 

Ninestar seals each cartridge using state-of-the-art technology to guarantee zero leakage and a smooth user experience. Special protection is added to those cartridges with printheads.

Packaging & Shipping

Each cartridge is heat-sealed and packed in its own unique box. Simulated transport tests are run to confirm the integrity of the cartridge and the packaging before shipment.

Remanufacturing Toner Cartridges

Sort & Grade  

All incoming raw materials undergo rigorous inspection, sorting, and grading process by skilled technicians before they head off to the production lines. Only superior empty cartridges are reused. All others are broken down for their plastics and metals and sent to accredited recyclers.  

Split & Clean 

All empty cartridges are dismantled by specially designed tools then carefully cleaned to avoid toner contamination.

Matching Test 

Extensive matching tests are conducted under different conditions to make sure all the components work in harmony with each other over the life of the cartridge.

Parts Performance Tests 

All key components including OPCs, wipe blades, doctor blades, magnetic rollers and PCRs are tested for possible replacement.

Automated Toner Filling & Vacuuming 

Cartridges are automatically filled with premium toner powders, capped then vacuumed to make sure there is no residual toner on the casing.


A sealing strip is applied to each toner cartridge to ensure zero leakage. 


The components and parts are assembled by well trained technicians and cross checks are applied to ensure the quality of each step in the rebuilding of the cartridge.

Chip Inspection 

Microchips are installed carefully to make sure every cartridge will be recognized easily by the printer they will be used in.

100% Post Testing 

Every cartridge is post tested as part of the production line procedure. 

Appearance Inspection 

The appearance of every cartridge is visually checked by trained staff with keen eyesight for picking up even small discrepancies in each cartridge.

Sampling Test 

2% of every production batch is sample tested with a page run of more than 200 pages each.


Each cartridge is heat-sealed in a light-proof bag to make sure the sensitive OPC is well protected. The cartridge is carefully placed in a clean, attractive well-padded box ready for despatch.