Ninestar Continues to Optimize its HP & Canon Patented Solutions

July 4, 2023 by
Seine (Holland) B.V., Franco Zhang

Ninestar has updated its paten​ted HP and Canon solutions thanks to its rob​ust, sophisticated, and ongoing R​&D.

The related product models include the HP CF 540A, 530A, 400, 410, 500 and 510, as well as the Canon cartridge 067, 045, 046 and 054.

Since 2021, Canon's activities have led to the removal of many product listings from Amazon’s online store in Europe. Canon claims those particular products infringed its European patent No.3 270 230.

Ninestar has a proven track record of developing innovative solutions that respect and do not infringe the patents of others. In this way, it has helped its customers around the world to confidently go about their business and increase profitability. Ninestar offered its patented HP & Canon solution back in 2016 and has continued to review its HP and Canon patents to this day.

Therefore, Ninestar is confident it has not infringed the EP'230 patent. Additionally, the continued, ongoing improvements have made its products safer, and more reliable, while helping its customers eliminate any potential litigation risks as well.

Ninestar Patented Solutions for HP 282/ 454 and Canon 632/ 643/ 654 Series Printers

  • Reliable and well-engineered: innovative patent technology delivers peace of mind
  • Non-battery chip: worry-free usage without battery-related failures like power outage, loosening and leaking
  • High compatibility: suits every climate in every region around the globe
  • Colorful and vivid printouts from the first to the very last page
  • More cost-effective: complies with ISO-24712, high productivity, and lower cost per page.
Seine (Holland) B.V., Franco Zhang July 4, 2023
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